I was looking for some strange behavior from my electrical system and found it in a bad battery. Those batteries are about 11 years old, more than I expected to get. I’ll replace the 4 next week. Meanwhile I’m fine on 2 batteries, especially since sunny is the forecast forever.

Naturally I’m at VFW/BLM watching […]

Quartzsite 1

It’s quiet here, just the way I like it. For those not yet in the southwest, the sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular this week; I come to the desert to see colors in the sky that are no where else.

The RVs and vendors are dribbling in everyday, and about half of the seasonal […]

Arizona Pot

In 2016, 8 of 9 states that had citizen initiatives for either medical or recreational marijuana passed them, but the initiative in Arizona to enact fully legal cannabis failed by a small margin. Kevin Sabet of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, a professional opponent of all things cannabis, took on the state and won.

He was […]


Well, here I am again. I did the desert from Vegas to Q, which I think is the least interesting place around. Big solar farms, though.

I’m not sure what my plans are, but I’ll hang out here for a short while anyway.

My slide is fixed

All of a sudden I had twice the living space I had grown accustomed to over the last 7 weeks. Schmidt RV Repair took care of everything while I was sitting here in dry camp. It now works even better than it did when it was new, and I no longer have to fight it […]

Pot legalization in California

Besides the state itself, more than 500 other government entities are now working on local rules that govern the commercial cannabis market with a January 1 2018 implementation date. The state itself has already admitted it won’t be finished, but will be issuing temporary licenses. For those locales that can’t finish, they usually opt to […]

My slide

I discovered my slide problem the day I left Chimacum, coming up on two months ago. Once I figured out I could travel without using it, I looked for a repair place that met these criteria:

1. A town I liked.

2. The weather will be good while I’m waiting for parts.

3. Somebody actually […]

Tire problems again

After a day one of my trailer tires was flat. I figured a slow leak from a nail, aired it up and took it into Big O. The problem was a cracked wheel, likely my fault for hitting a curb on a turn. I have a spare wheel that matches the broken one, but had […]


Six weeks ago my slide-out mechanism failed, such that it wouldn’t come in all the way, nor go out more than a foot. I’ve gotten accustomed to living in a room half the size.

I asked at the desk when I checked into the SKP here, and was referred to an RV repair technician here […]