Quartzsite 1

It’s quiet here, just the way I like it. For those not yet in the southwest, the sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular this week; I come to the desert to see colors in the sky that are no where else.

The RVs and vendors are dribbling in everyday, and about half of the seasonal businesses have opened. This is my chance to check out the stores before they get busy and eat at restaurants which will be packed in a few weeks.

Gasoline is now $1/gal higher in California than it is Arizona, thanks to their new fuel tax. I mention this as westbound trucks and drivers use Q as a fuel-stop before entering California. Which generates friction on the roads as the temporary population increases. While the rest of town is quiet, the gas stations are busy.

My project here is my solar system and batteries. Go through all the connections and such. Coming soon are very short daylight periods when I usually become constrained by battery power, so now is the time to fix stuff.

Weather is great.

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