Tire problems again

After a day one of my trailer tires was flat. I figured a slow leak from a nail, aired it up and took it into Big O. The problem was a cracked wheel, likely my fault for hitting a curb on a turn. I have a spare wheel that matches the broken one, but had to buy a generic wheel for a spare. No biggie, but I’ve been enjoying a long stretch with no running gear problems.

I have an odd rig parked next to me. It’s a Lance travel trailer about 25 feet, a good weekender for a small family. The top is completely covered with solar panels, and it has 2 wind turbines. The owners bought it on ebay for a bargain, then have been traveling for 10 months. The trailer was built for a TV reality show (Survival?) and was assembled for show, not for practicality. They’ve found 4 inverters in it so far, one to power the sleep number mattress. As I look closer at it, I envy the mounting equipment and electronics, both the definition of “insanely over-engineered” for no reason. But it probably looked very cool on TV.

The owner refers to it as “absurd”.

They stumbled into the trailer as a great bargain and took the opportunity to travel for ten months while in between engagements. Real life for them re-engages on Monday and it’s for sale. Do not buy this rig, unless you want only the energy stuff and can dispose of the trailer.

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