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Life on the Peninsula

I just saw the trees move. For about two weeks we’ve been in smoke from wildfires up north, but the breeze is forecast to come up today. Personally, I’ve had trouble with burning eyes.

I went into the hospital for the installation of a few stents in my iliac arteries, the ones that feed the […]

DEA Pot Raids

I described how the raids are carried out by the local Sheriff. When the DEA gets involved there’s much more theater involved because the audience is taxpayers, politicians,and the media at large. Here’s an angle on how they work that I like:

The DEA arrests everyone at a raid site, including women and children. The […]

The Pot Question in California

Most guesses are that California produces five to ten times the amount it consumes. That surplus is exported to the illegal states where the price is much higher. It’s always been illegal at the federal level to pass pot across state lines, in January it will be illegal at the state level to export it […]

Pot Raids in NorCal

This is the preferred time of year for that time-honored cultural tradition in the Emerald Triangle in Northern California: The Pot Raids. Since legal growing begins in January in the state, the Counties have issued permits to many growers, and are processing more. The Sheriff will honor these permits, as well as incomplete paperwork still […]