The Pot Question in California

Most guesses are that California produces five to ten times the amount it consumes. That surplus is exported to the illegal states where the price is much higher. It’s always been illegal at the federal level to pass pot across state lines, in January it will be illegal at the state level to export it out-of-state. Yet about 75% of the current crop has to go somewhere.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of the new legal retail environment, there’s a rush on industrial buildings in towns and large acreage out in the desert for producing cannabis. This new grow space will belong not to existing farmers, but new operators with substantial help from out of state. They will be producing much more than what we see now, if their hype is to be believed (it’s not). There are a lot towns with warehouses in California, not to mention acreage available out in the desert.

So where in hell is all this marijuana going to go?

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