I’m parked at Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont, next to Boulder. The idea is to reduce the number of miles driven every day, take some day trips into the mountains, maybe visit Denver proper because I’ve not been there.

The weather will be a bit unsettled for a few days, especially in the mountains, but […]

Little Bighorn Battlefield

I’m at 7th Ranch RV Park nearby Little Bighorn, a place I first stayed at years ago, and it’s even better now. The views are spectacular from here. I asked for a place on top, and got the uppermost space with a view of the visitor center out my back window.

I saw my first […]

Pot: Laws in the western states

Hypothetically, let’s say you are traveling from Washington to Colorado through Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. How do the pot laws compare?

Possessing one ounce of cannabis is legal in Washington, as it is in Colorado.

In Idaho, possessing up to one ounce is a year in prison and a $1000 fine. Spokane in particular, but […]


It was cold this morning, 38. But today I made it out of Butte and over the last hump of mountains and could see some grass and big sky. Haven’t spotted any pronghorns yet, but I’m watching.

One option is to head to Tetons, but I don’t think I want to deal with any more […]


You don’t need to go far to get from Spokane to Montana. I’ll be on I-90 for a while, but I set up today for dry camping. That means I can park anywhere no matter what the services.

I’m in the mountains heading for more, and welcome it. I am in no hurry to get […]


After the quiet of the other night’s stay on top of a knoll overlooking millions of acres of irrigated desert, I’m parked up against a freeway in Spokane, actually the City of Spokane Valley, which is it’s own city next to Spokane and seems to be devoted to the industrial side of life. It’s a […]

On the move again

I hadn’t planned on hanging out in Yakima as long as I did, but after waiting to get my truck fixed I added another couple of days so I could hang out at a golf tourney in memory of my brother. So now I’m heading east.

The corn and tomatoes are excellent in Yakima right […]

Moving around in Yakima

My favorite parking place in Yakima was the Yakama Nation RV park, but they closed down last year, so I’m looking for another place. Today I moved to Suntides Golf Course, which is a tad cheaper and doesn’t have tree canopy. I’ll be here a week.

I went into a garage to get an appointment […]


I’m at a pretty good but pricey RV park in downtown Yakima, but I’ll move tomorrow to Suntides Golf Resort (resort?). Gotta get my leaking heater in the truck fixed, so I’ll be here for a while.

It was great seeing the gang at the favorite waterhole.

Lillian wanted me to go through my brother […]

Good bye to Port Townsend

I always hate leaving places, but once I get back on the road it feels better. I’m heading to Yakima for a few days but taking the long way along the Columbia river. Part of that is to avoid the traffic and construction on I-90 across the mountains, and part of it is because it’s […]