The Olympics

There. I just devoted two weeks of my life in front of the TV, occasionally getting up to do basic real life things. It was worth it, though.

Favorites were volleyball and rugby 7s.

Most, by far, of the time I watched Canadian TV, which pretty much turns the cameras on at 5 in the […]

The Cable Company

The Escapee park is installing super-duper beautiful fantastic broadband cable to every site, and I wanted a way to watch the Olympics.

Installation only took a half day. The tech tried out three separate units (“boxes”) before getting one to work. Each swap-out required a drive to the warehouse, about a mile away.

But I […]

Pot: Washington State

Consumers spent $121 million on retail/medical cannabis in July. Since the program’s inception, every month has shown an increase in prior spending. Retail store licensees are now at 415 (heading to 535), but only about 260 are reporting sales. Licensed growers are now at 1100, there being no upper limit on their licenses.

After one […]

Life in Chimacum

The cooperative where I have a lot held their annual meeting today, and we were out of there in an hour. Last year it took all day. Voting for three board members was held in advance with drop boxes, there were no rules changes, and complaints weren’t allowed.

As usual I went looking at options […]