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The Cable Company

The Escapee park is installing super-duper beautiful fantastic broadband cable to every site, and I wanted a way to watch the Olympics.

Installation only took a half day. The tech tried out three separate units (“boxes”) before getting one to work. Each swap-out required a drive to the warehouse, about a mile away.

But I had what I wanted, plus a bonus. I got all the NBC channels with coverage, including channel 506, NBC Sports Network with the bulk of the programming. The bonus was I also got Canadian Broadcast Company, which is not NBC and basically just devotes it’s entire programming to the Olympics.

Yesterday channel 506 quit working. This morning I got up dreading the thought of making the trouble call to the cable company. At 0930 I made the call. At 1630 I had channel 506 back.

Not counting the computer voices, I talked to three assistant types, two tech support places ( five guys total), one in Sales, one in Customer support, finally a human came by and talked to more tech support and someone in Billing.

In effect, I convened a meeting of 12 people who work for another company for an all-day problem-solving session, no refreshments provided. The topic? Give Marty back channel 506.

There’s a fifty-fifty chance that 506 will go away again before morning because they haven’t fixed the problem, just patched around it.

PS. My intention is to cancel the service after the Olympics.

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