Life in Chimacum

The cooperative where I have a lot held their annual meeting today, and we were out of there in an hour. Last year it took all day. Voting for three board members was held in advance with drop boxes, there were no rules changes, and complaints weren’t allowed.

As usual I went looking at options on how to see the Olympics this year. In past years I’ve moved to an RV park with cable for a couple of weeks, but this year our park was hooked up to cable for the first time, and the company was installing their system. So I signed up for cable TV service. I’ll drop it after the Olympics have finished, and pay the silly rate for a month, but that’s much cheaper than two weeks in an RV place during high season.

I have a doctor appointment on September 2, then I can take out of here for the winter. I am growing weary of looking at trees all the time.

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