Might make a break tomorrow

It’s been almost a week of rain, wind, and sometimes sunshine. I’ve grown to like Ashland, when I can see it in between weather events.

This is one of the more eclectic places I’ve visited. Think Ammon Bundy meets William Shakespeare at a pot shop.

One fella claimed that 1 in 6 of the homes […]

More in Ashland

I knew when I left Arizona that I would be encountering mean weather in Oregon, so I built in some extra time to wait out the rainstorms. I didn’t know I’d be laid up as soon as I crossed the border into the state. And I didn’t plan I’d be stopped for high winds, not […]

Ashland, Oregon

Yesterday I got off the freeway as high wind warnings went up in front me. I pulled into Redding RV Park and the rain started. This morning it looked like I could avoid the incoming rain and the high winds if I went straight to Ashland as fast as possible.

Competition from truckers at the […]

Chico, CA

One day here and I see that I can like this town. It’s got history, agriculture (almonds and other nuts, citrus, even olives), a college (UC Chico), and it’s small enough for my tastes. And, it’s where the typical California driver mellows out and the roads become safer and easier.

One night only because I’m […]