Roadrunners are abundant in southern New Mexico, and are very tolerant of humans. Tolerant, but never friendly.

We have several roadrunners in the park, one of which roosts in a tree outside my window. The tree is short, 12 feet or so, which makes it one of the tallest trees for a hundred miles. It […]

Deming, New Mexico

Finally made it. I had to sit two days at Bosque and watch thunderstorms go by or over me. These weren’t the Kansas-style storms, but the little ones that appear from nowhere in the desert. Anyway, my view at Birdwatchers RV Park overlooking the Rio Grande valley and the mountains (up to 30 miles away) […]

18 Tires, 4 Axles

I’ve had two blowouts, one tire was burned up, and one went flying off to who knows where. The rest, 14, were worn to the danger point, sometimes by a failed axle.

Both axles were replaced once, then again with built-on-the fly models, which I have now.

I’ve had them aligned, bearings packed, the rig […]

Bosque Del Apache, or, The Owl Cafe, or San Antonio

However you know this place, I’m at the Birdwatchers RV Park. I’m paid for two nights, but will stay over if the t-storms persist.

The park is being run by a friend of the owner; John took off this morning for SLC because his mom took a turn for the worse. Last year, John told […]

Gallup, New Mexico

The first reason for being here is shopping for turquoise stuff as gifts. Gallup is the center for stones and jewelry supplies, and conveniently located in the middle of the Navajo Nation, yet not on the reservation.

The second reason is to wait out a weather thing coming through. I’m here in a rv […]

Axle repaired

Gene’s Frame and Alignment did a great job getting me in and fixed up today. Rather than order a replacement axle they built a new one using my old one as a source of parts.

I mounted my ugly spare wheel to get me along, but I had to buy a new tire because my […]

Farmington, New Mexico

I’m in Farmington, NM, which is exactly where I wanted to go but am here under entirely different circumstances.

My brother died on Saturday in Yakima, WA.

My plan today was to move to the Farmington fairgrounds where I could sit for cheap. Talk to folk, find out what’s happening with Glenn.

I was in […]

Durango, CO

Durango is always a favorite place of mine, this time I managed to reserve a spot yesterday for the weekend at the fairgrounds. They have 6 spaces. I have space 6.

It’s basically downtown, so lots of activity. And it’s next to a railroad that can be surprisingly loud when doing a crossing. Except the […]

Arches National Park

I’ve been to Arches many times, and still think it’s one of the best places to see. I did not get a fast start this morning so hit the traffic going into the park. Oh well, it’s part of the National Park Experience nowadays.

Tomorrow I’m going to Durango. Finding economical RV parking spots can […]

Moab, Utah

The stormy weather has moved on, and it’s looking good for a lot days ahead. I landed in Moab (at the BLM campground South of town) today and will spend at the least two nights.

This was meant to be a milepost place to figure out where to go next, so I guess I should […]