Touring around

I went South today and ended up in Shelton, a place I drive through every year, but never stop. Shelton is an Olympic Peninsula timber town, whose mill just closed down last week. I’m always surprised when I come across an actual operating lumber mill in Washington; very few are left.

Cannabis is a fast-growing […]

Pot: Seattle’s Solution

The mayor of Seattle says that all of the medical marijuana establishments in the city are illegal, therefore he proposes that half be licensed by the city, and the other half destroyed. Only career politicians are capable of this logic, and are willing to say it.

No one knows how many such places exist, and […]

Pot: 4 Stores busted in WA

Four stores were cited for selling to minors, the first LCB sting operation. This is an amazing development in Washington, because it was unexpected.

Obviously the LCB had some information about where to look for violators. But they sent out alert letters to all retailers that they would be conducting the sting. Even with the […]

New Doctor

Today I met my new doctor, which went very well and was a relief after what it took to get there.

It started a couple of months ago when I signed up for medicare, then had to pick another insurance company because, well, that’s how we do it in the US. That company needed to […]

St Helens

35 years ago today the mountain erupted. Then, Rachel was 4 and Kate was an infant. I mention this because when we saw the eruption (from Seattle!) we had no idea what was in store for us. Going through this was scary.

Every May 18 I think about the mountain. As interesting as it […]

Rhody Festival

The big parade marks the kickoff of the rhododendron festival in Port Townsend, which is the official start of the tourist season. Now the highways will be considerably busier on weekends, and I’ll be thinking twice before going into town.

Other than that, it will be fairly routine for me this week.

My Bike: Maybe at it’s end?

I bought my bike for $25 here in the SKP park, 5 years ago, and then trashed it up a bit. It’s purpose was to serve for my first Burning Man, then I figured the playa dust and alkali would eat it up and I’d toss it. It survived my first BM, so I dragged […]

Hanging Out

Things have been good, but very routine. Weather-wise it might be some light rain, or some splendid sun.

It’s quiet in Port Townsend, but tourist season starts next week. The boatyard was remarkably slow this season, and is now dwindling away. Not sure why so few boats were in winter layup this year.

I’m making […]