Vancouver, for two nights

I’ve spent way too much time behind the wheel, but managed to make up a day over my original schedule. Therefore, as a reward, I’m not driving tomorrow. I’m going to rest.

I’m always looking for places to park around Portland and this time I’m in Vancouver way up where I-205 splits off from I-5. […]

Madras, OR

If you squinted and used your imagination you’d see snow on the ground this morning. I gave it a couple of hours of daylight to be sure the temperature was rising, then headed north. From now on all I should see is rain.

I’m aiming for a spot in Vancouver tomorrow.

Southern Oregon

I’m a ways north of Klamath Falls, where you turn off to get to Crater Lake. I had had enough driving from Honey Lake, but I did manage to get through California in just one night and one tank of high-priced gas.

The forecast is for cold, rain, and snow tonight and tomorrow. If conditions […]

Good Ol’ US395

395 is always my preferred route in the northwest, and after two days of doing the Nevada deserts I grabbed it and kept going from Reno, to Honey Lake, CA, southward of Susanville.

First off, seeing the Sierras is a complete shock. There is no snow at all except some dustings in the shady places […]

Prohibitions: Always interesting to go to Walmart in Pahrump

While prostitution is legal in Nevada, it is prohibited in Clark County, which means Las Vegas. A better way to make a black market I can’t imagine.

But Pahrump is in Nye county and it’s not prohibited, and is the closest (around 60 miles) to Vegas. Buses run back and forth between Vegas and Pahrump […]

Pot: Indiana church of cannabis

Under the new Religion Freedom Whatever law in Indiana, a church has formed that uses marijuana growing and use as part of it’s rites. Looks to me like the law should work well to cover grow operations, distribution, and use of marijuana for it’s members, whom are expected to donate $4.20 a month for the […]


I gathered up my meds today (pretty cheap stuff) and arranged to stick around for a day or two to be sure I could function normally before leaving town.

The doctor here in Pahrump gave me prescriptions for 2 weeks only, likely to encourage me to contact my doctor in Washington as soon as possible. […]