Get the boat out

Before I left in August I prepped the boat for a winter in the trees where it’s parked. Everything I did was a complete failure; I managed to achieve the complete opposite of what I wanted.

So I’ve got a big clean-up job. Tree detritus, mainly, but even after just one winter the famous PNW […]

Port Angeles

The big deal in PA is the Shell oil rig in the harbor. It’s one of your standard deep-water rigs, frequently seen in the Gulf of Mexico, but seldom seen in these waters. After it’s journey from Asia, it moves to Seattle in a week or so.

In Seattle it gets “outfitted” and then moved […]

Pot: The WSLCB is Fooling Us

The Washington State Liquor Control Board announced today, April 20, that the average selling price for a gram of marijuana is $12. Which is “proof” they are doing a good job.

The average price of marijuana in Washington state is not $12, it’s more like $20 if you are frugal, $25 if normal. Good deals […]

Pretty day in the city

It’s been a run of really nice Spring weather lately, and quite nice in Seattle. This was a chance to visit with the grands (and their associated chaperons). Lachlan turned three yesterday, and Ada is one on Wednesday, so we had a birthday party for them. Next month is Maizie and Amos when it comes […]

I’ve inherited

I got a call from the sister of a childhood friend today: David passed away in January, and he left an IRA with me named as beneficiary. For a while David made his living as a yacht sailor on the open ocean and it was wise to leave your assets with someone more sane and […]

Pot: The Seattle Takedowns

San Diego embarked on a Medical Marijuana clinic destruction project a few years ago, and is now building up a legal marijuana distribution system which is getting some respect. Los Angeles just announced that it’s cleaned itself of over 500 illegal operations.

Seattle and Tacoma will soon be making similar claims. Cops and dogs will […]

Pot: Killing the Medical Marijuana Thing

Washington is trying to shut down the MMJ industry by eliminating the customers. Colorado is trying it by shutting down the suppliers, the “caregivers”. Either way might work as both are comfortable models for lawmakers: Arrest and jail those that grow or sell marijuana without a state tax license.

Which needs to be contrasted to […]

Pot: Washington Fixes it’s Medical Situation?

It looks like one of the big bills written to fix the medical marijuana situation has passed and will likely be signed into law. There are many other laws still in progress.

This law, though, starts out by renaming the Liquor Control Board to Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Medical marijuana cardholders must now get them […]

12 Minutes

That’s how much time I have with my doctor tomorrow. I’ve never met him as he has taken over my previous doctor’s thing. I need him to write prescriptions for drugs that seem to be working but he knows nothing about after I spent the weekend in the hospital for heart problems.

My condition is […]


It’s a pretty day when I pull in today. My neighbor gave me a quick rundown on what’s been happening lately; not a whole lot.

I’ll be here all summer until mid-August if I go to Burningman, otherwise September. Except for a week that I’ve got reserved at Point Hudson in July.

It will be […]