Pot: Legal crap

I watched another hearing in Olympia as the WA legislature processes three bills that address the medical marijuana problem in the state. Those bills do address the problem, the legislature seems inclined to pass one of them, and the governor will sign whichever law is written. That’s good.

But no matter which bill passes, the […]


One of my all-time favorite places to visit. It’s world-class birdwatching, I always enjoy the town of Tombstone, and the RV park I’m in is one of the best I’ve stayed in.

Tombstone Territories RV Park is extremely popular and fills up (100 spaces) regularly this time of year. I pulled in on a gamble, […]

Touring around Willcox

I went north from town to see the ag area and because the incoming weather permitted, through the mountains. There are orchards of fruit trees similar to the Yakima Valley: apples, pears, peaches, cherries, but on a tiny scale comparatively. Some walnuts and pecans. No trees are budded out or showing blooms yet; workers were […]

Willcox, AZ: At a New RV Park

Depending on the weather I’ll be in Willcox for a few days getting some birding in, or waiting out a storm. The forecasts aren’t that great in this part of the country.

I’m at Cattlerest Bar and RV Park, whose RV portion just opened up a couple of months ago. Nice people bought it (he’s […]