Snow in Quartzsite

Well, nothing down on the valley floor but light rain, but the mountains had a light dusting on them this morning. Kinda pretty, and I doubt I’ve seen that before here.

Flags have been flying straight out all day, making for very uncomfortable conditions. The wind should let up tonight, then it will just be […]

Pot: Westboro Baptist at Pueblo, CO

Many expressed surprise that Westboro Baptist Church actually showed up in Pueblo to picket the retail marijuana stores there. Counter protesters greatly outnumbered them, but the cold nasty weather encouraged everyone to make their point and go home where it’s warm.

WB was trying to make a point about gays and marijuana. I’ve never understood […]

Back at Quartzsite

The forecast for the next week is about 50 for a high, 25 for a low. Slight chance of snow tomorrow. Add in a pretty good breeze, and I’m at an RV park with electricity. I’ll use my electric space heater with the cat heater as a helper if necessary, which is likely.

If it […]

Life in Yuma

The solar panels came on at 0730 this morning, a big improvement over the 0744 just a few days ago. I pretty much mark my year at the winter solstice, the toughest time to manage the batteries. From now on I can relax a bit as each charging cycle gets longer.

But this is when […]

Pot: Advertise when it’s illegal

In Colorado, as well as Washington, there are severe limits on the ability for the recreational pot shops to advertise. Signs must be limited, there are controls on print and media advertising. All of this will be eliminated someday as constraint of speech, but for now they’re there.

Two retail pot shops in West Pueblo […]

Pot: Seattle does a “Never Mind” on medical marijuana

The Seattle officials proposed “doing something” about the over 300 completely uncontrolled and untaxed medical marijuana operations in the city. [I maintain that these places are the primary source for the black market]. No doubt their proposal was a gambit to force the state into passing laws to deal with this problem but they ran […]

Somerton Tamale Festival

I schedule this event as a must-do whenever I’m in the area. Somerton, a small town south of Yuma, closes off it’s downtown and a bunch (about 50) of tamale makers sell their products for charity. The event gets bigger every year, and the parking hassle does, too.

One approach is to sample around, grabbing […]

Pot: Nebraska and Oklahoma sue Colorado

This is silly. Nebraska and Oklahoma have filed a lawsuit against Colorado for legalizing marijuana and it’s sale, and the CO product is coming into their states, where it’s illegal. All state vs state cases go to the US Supreme Court.

First, I doubt the Court wants to bother with this. There are no constitutional […]

Politics: Cuba

Within hours of hearing the news about Cuba, the media immediately started talking about selling them cars, pouring tourist dollars in, and selling them thingies.

That is precisely the hubris of America that Cuba has been successfully avoiding for 50 years, no doubt to their satisfaction. Why do we think they even want our cars, […]

Freshly Picked Yuma Corn

I’ve had a favorite produce stand in Yuma ever since I’ve been on the road. They get good products, especially local, and have very fair prices. They are near to where I park. And they’re the only place with any quality.

They’ve always advertised “Freshly Picked Yuma Corn”, which I’ve ignored because I didn’t believe […]