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Pot: Advertise when it’s illegal

In Colorado, as well as Washington, there are severe limits on the ability for the recreational pot shops to advertise. Signs must be limited, there are controls on print and media advertising. All of this will be eliminated someday as constraint of speech, but for now they’re there.

Two retail pot shops in West Pueblo might get the best advertising that almost any business could wish for: Westboro Baptist Church has announced they will protest at those locations on December 29. “Pot smoking, filthy Colorado pervs” is Westboro’s tagline for this event. Even when I figure out they actually meant “perverts” rather than “pervs”, that line is still a head-scratcher.

Now, to pot smokers in Pueblo, and Colorado, this one will be marked on calendars and the car pools will begin forming. The shops will be scrambling to have enough weed to go around. Armoured cars will be scheduled. The media will be there.

But, Westboro Baptist has a legacy of announcing protests and then not showing up. That won’t matter to the “counter protesters” which will show up in droves anyway. I have no idea how they are thinking here. They aren’t.

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