Seen at Burning Man

A neighbor camp to ours went through a ritual every day of going to the top of one of their rented RVs.

The most I counted was 23 people at once. The odd thing was that all they did was sit there or stand around, few carried drinks. I think if you look closely […]

Seven Feathers Casino RV Resort

This place is nice, pricey, and big. I first saw it several years ago while it was under construction, and since I’ve been moseying along I-5 I stopped for a night to look it over.

The hitch is that after paying the parking fee, they still take your money in the casino. Doesn’t seem fair.


Grants Pass

More than once I’ve been tempted to take 199 from Crescent City, CA to Grants Pass, OR, but wasn’t familiar with the area. So I wanted to check it out, hopefully finding a good parking place. I’m at Jumpoff Joe Creek RV park, just a few miles north of town, a very nice, quiet place […]

Touring around

The smoke was gone today and I got to see Mt Shasta. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the mountain without snow before. Odd.

I found my way from Weed to Mt Shasta City to Dunsmuir mainly along old US99. These small towns are basically on the feet of the mountain, founded as timber or […]

Weed is Smoky

Just a few miles up the road from Redding is Weed, a small town where US97 intersects I-5. A large forest fire not far to the NE is filling the sky and valleys with smoke, so I don’t have many views. I’m in a small but quite nice RV park near town, and once again […]

NPR Interview with the Drug Czar

Robert Siegel interviewed Michael Botticelli, acting “Drug Czar” about legalized marijuana in Washington and Colorado. Mr Botticelli cited statistics concerning increased usage by youth since legalization.

Mr Botticelli:

There are no such statistics. Congress has prohibited you or anyone else to gather the data leading to the statistics you cite. If you have gathered such […]

Touring Redding

I like Northern California a lot. The main drawback is it’s in Expensive California.

Redding itself isn’t much of a town, but they do have Turtle Bay Park with the Sundial Bridge. One of the nicest River Walks I’ve seen anywhere. The bridge itself is a walk and bike route over the Sacramento River, and […]


It was 41 this morning when I got up, so rather than spend another night in the mountains at Lassen, I went down to the valley. I’m in the Shasta-Trinity Recreation Area somewhere, but close enough to town to reach it quite easily.

Shasta Lake is very very low, and looks quite sad.

Eagle Lake near Susanville

I’m in an excellent Forest Service campground at Eagle Lake in the Cascades, near Lassen. The Corps of Engineers built this place, and it’s nice as usual. Quite the change from the Black Rock Desert. Tomorrow it’s Lassen.

I have to attend a wedding in Portland at the end of September. So, my plan is […]


This is the time after Burning Man when you have to get used to the real world, and digest your experiences, which takes a while.

The BM blog had a good article this morning:

Grover Norquist That article contains a link to Norquist’s story in the Guardian, which I found to be quite interesting. Be […]