Mayor Nagin

I was impressed by Nagin after Katrina, he showed a monstrous amount of calmness and dedication during impossible times. Especially compared to the federal “leadership” then. Oh sure, I knew well the history of corruption and shenanigans completely baked into New Orleans politics, but there are times when flexibility is called for. People dieing in […]

Warming up here

My friend Gracie found me the other day after she had been parked just a few rigs away from me. She rounded up some more of her friends from the place and we had a nice happy hour last evening. Unfortunately some pulled out today; Gracie heading into town for hookups before record-setting warm temperatures […]


Luckily I like trains. Always looking for the free and cheap places to park, more often than not it will be next to a track. I adapted a long time ago to the noise and now it’s only the unusual that attracts my attention.

Here at the VFW/BLM free spot, trains matter. I’m parked about […]


It’s been a little while since I’ve been in Algodones so I took a quick look today to see what’s going on. The places is fixed up a bit: they’ve added some curbs and sidewalks, and while walking there is still a little like a hike in the mountains, the utility holes have been covered.


Super Bowl

I normally don’t bother watching the Super Bowl because the games are frequently mis-matches and degraded by the silly half-time shows. But I obviously had a personal interest in this one even though I felt that the more experienced Broncos would prevail.

The Seahawks didn’t do anything unexpected, though Harvin’s “debut” was impressive. And they […]