South Padre

I’m not real fond of South Padre Island, it’s fairly tacky and rather boring. But it has some excellent birding spots; the newish Birding Center is a great place to see the dramatic stuff up close, and there’s always something a little different to see there.

This was the first time I’ve seen the town, […]


While it’s still cold and windy, the clouds left and the sun came out today. After four days of almost complete overcast, my batteries were drawn down to the 50% level. This has happened to me a few times in the past, but this was a good experience to see how the AGMs perform. Thanks […]

Cold and Windy

This is the time of year that I have to watch my solar battery-charging system. Short days and low sun angle mean I rely more on the stored power in the batteries, which isn’t an issue when the days are sunny.

But it’s been very dark here lately, and though I get a bit of […]


The heat and humidity were getting to me this morning, but I knew a cold front was coming today. Weather forecasters predicted the warm and the cold would meet tonight at about 8 PM; my solar panels quit working at 2:30 and the street lights came on. So much for light, possibly for days. And […]

Harlingen, TX

It’s been hot and very humid lately, but by tomorrow night there will finally be a storm and things will cool down. Considerably. The next week or so will be much more like Seattle in winter. I’m paid up for a month.

I like this location because it’s within easy striking distance of the world […]

Cannabis in Washington and Colorado

My interest in this subject was that I felt I had a possible investment opportunity, depending on how the rules for legal pot rolled out. I abandoned that idea when I saw that the risk factors exceeded my taste. But I still follow what is going on out of curiosity.

On Monday Washington state began […]

Port Aransas

I went up to Port A today to visit the city’s Birding Center, always a good spot to see interesting birds. That’s where I learned about the city’s big project to make the adjoining marshlands into a very large refuge. They’re providing access, parking, boardwalks, paths, fishing access, and pleasant water-side walking paths. Big project, […]


The tide this evening will not encroach on my parking place, being a good several inches low. I’m always a bit confused about tides on the Gulf: where I come from tides are measured in feet, several in some cases, but the Gulf measures it in inches. Nonetheless, a “high” tide of 8 inches can […]

North Padre National Seashore

I headed from Goose Island to Padre Island, one of my favorite places. No need to go through Corpus as there’s a free ferry across the channel at Port Aransas.

I prefer parking at Bird Island Basin, a dry-camp spot (free) overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway, rather then the campground on the Gulf side. The campground […]

Cold, now warm

There were two days when some arctic air came through, and with a brisk breeze it was nasty out there. But today it’s back to warm, so I took a run through Aransas wildlife refuge.

Very quiet there birding-wise. The best birding has been here at Goose Island, as I was able to sit in […]