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Harlingen, TX

It’s been hot and very humid lately, but by tomorrow night there will finally be a storm and things will cool down. Considerably. The next week or so will be much more like Seattle in winter. I’m paid up for a month.

I like this location because it’s within easy striking distance of the world bird centers, and is not too far from the beach. There are unlimited BBQ and Mexican food places, and the HEB grocery is nearby. As a bonus, a never-seen-before (in America) bird is hanging out just down the road.

This morning my frig wouldn’t run on propane, a hassle since I was dry camping and didn’t have AC. I had never done this before, but I set it up to run off battery and inverter for my drive to Harlingen. Normally it runs off propane while I go down the road. If you have a problem with me doing this, please email me with your argument why not. It worked perfectly and I might well do this more often, as it saves propane. When I arrived and plugged in, I tried propane again and it worked fine. I hate these glitches: it didn’t work, now it works. One guess is that the humidity, dripping off everything, messed up things. We’ll see.

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