Shock Absorbers

I seem to be rebuilding my truck. Today it was determined that my shocks needed replacing. Now, I just replaced those suckers about 18 months ago so that news didn’t compute. But then I saw it was 35,000 miles ago, so I guess that’s within reason. The factories lasted 100K.

I’m learning now that I […]

Truck cleaning

I went through the truck today, and removed my passport and birth certificate from the console box and stashed it in my rig. I carried those along with vehicle registration and insurance card in the event I get stopped in Arizona, Alabama, or a few other states with ferocious undocumented immigrant laws. No problem here […]

Rain here

The sun came out today, after 7 days of clouds and rain. As is usual around here now, the wildflower display changes weekly.

I didn’t like sitting around indoors, but I was listening to the weather in Oklahoma, appreciating my situation here. The PNW rarely gets thunderstorms, rainfall, or killer winds like many places in […]