Clovis, New Mexico

The wind was blowing this morning, and I took off heading into it up hill until I reached the plains. I was at some elevation, the land was flat and I could see forever. And the wind was blowing hard, stealing gas from me at an astonishing rate. When you’re on the plains, and in […]

Gettin’ through West Texas

As usual, West Texas involves covering a lot of miles, and there is little to tempt one to stop and tarry a while. But, the route I’m taking (SE to NW) to Clovis, NM is a wonderfully scenic and varied view from behind the wheel. Much to see, little to do.

Last night I stayed […]

The West Texas Thing

Tomorrow I head NW through West Texas, leaving a great COE campground for another up near Abilene. A storm will come through tonight, likely keeping me awake, but when it passes the weather should be good for moving. Well, except for the Texas wind which is always a given. Looking forward to the drive through […]


I enjoyed the drive west out of College Station because the live oaks disappeared, the trees thinned out considerably, the land became large ranches, and the road began rolling up and down a bit. It was a real pleasure to get to the top of a rise and actually be able to look out over […]

On to SXSW

South by Southwest wasn’t on my list of things to do, but I’ve accidentally stumbled onto it. Seeing Austin was on my list though and I feared I’d have to pass it up due to the festival starting up tomorrow. But, I found a spot at a COE campground 30 miles away, perfectly acceptable.

So […]

Bryan/College Station

Or is it College Station/Bryan? It seems as if you are part of “gown” it’s College Station, home of Texas A&M. If you are “town” it’s Bryan. The two towns have blended together. The main campus is impressive, large, though I’m not fond of the setting: I’m out here in the middle of Texas somewhere.


Change of plans

My original plan was to go to the Gulf for some sand, sea, birds, and visiting friends, then head up to Austin for a sight-see. Then I heard it’s time for South by Southwest, Austin’s big music and art festival. Not a good time to be there without some planning. And, it’s high-time for the […]

A Rant

You can ignore this post, it’s a waste of both our times.

I’ve been seeing more and more email messages with the sign-off of “Sent from my I-phone” or something similar. At first I was confused what that meant, now it’s become annoying. What are these people trying to tell me? Here are some ideas […]