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A Rant

You can ignore this post, it’s a waste of both our times.

I’ve been seeing more and more email messages with the sign-off of “Sent from my I-phone” or something similar. At first I was confused what that meant, now it’s become annoying. What are these people trying to tell me? Here are some ideas I’ve had:

The sender has recently discovered how to send an email from their i-phone and are announcing it to the world. Now, if they just recently discovered email I commend them for their achievements: getting the hang of computers is not easy, and is quite a milestone. Or, maybe using email on the i-phone is so difficult it’s cause for celebration if you manage to get a message out. Either way, congratulations on your success.

Maybe the sender is busy busy busy, an important person who is granting extremely valuable time to me and wants me to know it. You know what? The next email I get from you I won’t even read for 24 hours, then not respond for two days after that, if at all.

Maybe the sender is sitting in McDonalds, scarfing down a Big Mac and fries with a diet milkshake. I don’t care. But instead of sending me an email, take a look at all those numbers printed under your “placemat” and note the calories and salt you’re eating. When you get home, check the number on that tag on your waistband. Tell that to your i-phone.

If you’re proud of sending me an email from your i-phone, I acknowledge such and ask that you don’t bother informing me again. If you really don’t have time to answer my emails, tell me and I’ll understand. That the i-phone is capable of sending emails I already know.

Sent from my Aspire One netbook with Atom processor using the Linux operating system and strictly free, open-source software. It’s black.

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