Rockport lost a lot of structures during Harvey, though there has been a lot of rebuilding, especially homes. The blank spaces are very much clean and tidy. There aren’t a lot of people around.

Aransas NWR

CBD products are sold in absolutely every place that sells anything here in Texas. Consider that nearly no one can tell you what CBD is, or does, or comes from, they buy it anyway.

I went to the refuge today and quickly spotted whoopers. The weather was splendid, sunny, calm, flat seas, all of […]


My usual camping spot is Goose Island State Park, but the campground was damaged by Hurricane Harvey and is still under repair. So I’m trying out a new experience, paying Rockport rates to park in an RV place in Fulton. It’s not pretty, it’s expensive, but a great location. I’ll be here 2 weeks.


Padre Island

Padre Island National Seashore to be precise. Specifically I’m at the Bird Island Basin windsurfing beach on the Intracoastal Waterway. This was my driving goal, and now I have to figure out my next moves.

But for the next several days (I have 2 weeks) I can do some beach driving, grocery shop […]

Choke Canyon SP

Always a nice place to stop for animals and birds. It’s been a few years since I’ve been in South Texas and found that I’ve forgotten a lot of bird ID’s. So it will be a lot of fun getting refreshed.

Tomorrow to North Padre Island.


Del Rio

My criticism of West Texas scenery, or lack of it, must have been bad karma. It was fog for 2 hours this morning, so no scenery.

The MORE Act to legalize marijuana passed out of the House’s Judiciary Committee to the floor today, a rather significant event. It completely deletes marijuana from the controlled […]

Marathon, TX

I had to take 2 days of sick leave just as I planned to leave Deming, but after a long drive I reached Van Horn. I’ve got several days of long drives ahead of me, mostly bored by the uninteresting scenery of West Texas.


Texas tomorrow

It’s off through West Texas tomorrow. I’m aiming for Corpus Christie, but it will take me a few days to get there. This is always the least favorite trip for me.

California Cannabis Reform?

Normally when we hear about a reform to public policy it’s because the existing system is older, the world has changed in a significant way, or public attitudes have changed. California’s legal cannabis program is only 2 years old, and not completely implemented yet, but it appears reforms are already being contemplated.

The California […]

Deming, NM

I left Yuma the other day after completing all my tasks there and headed Eastward, planning on taking a few days stopping at favorite spots. In Gila Bend last night I realized that my goal was to see alligators and Yellow-headed herons on the Gulf Coast, and by messing around in Arizona I was […]