Pot in Washington

According to KOMO TV, the last known medical cannabis cooperative in the state was raided and shut down. Which means Washington is the first state to go completely retail without pretense of medical use.

Contrast this with around 19 states currently debating medical use laws, which even if passed are doomed to be obsolete […]

Things in Deming

Jim and Bobbie stopped by yesterday on their way to Phoenix from New Orleans. Haven’t seen them in three years, so that was good. Unfortunately their black tank broke on their way out of NO, which makes an RV pretty useless. So they’re motelling it until they get home.

Two years ago I replaced two […]

Deming, NM

It had been raining the last couple of days, but I had a little break to get to Deming. Then the water really came down once I got parked.

It was a good time in Benson. The group was smaller than expected, but then after ten years, a lot of folk don’t travel much anymore. […]

Benson, AZ

I landed at an rv park to meet up with several people I’ve known since being on the road. We’ll be here until the end of the week. Should be fun!

More pot in Oregon

The US Attorney for Oregon called a meeting of stakeholders to discuss the overproduction of legal marijuana in Oregon. It’s guessed that Oregon produces three times what it consumes legally, presumably the excess is sent to other states, which is a violation of federal trafficking laws.

He said “Make no mistake. We are going to […]

Out of Yuma

I got my mail today, so off I go tomorrow to Tucson, with a stop in Gila Bend. The weather is excellent, and the citrus is abundant.

Then, off to Benson AZ for a get-together with old friends. Since Benson is sorta close to New Mexico, it’s off to Deming for a green chili cheeseburger […]

Pot in Oregon

Oregon recently conducted “decoy” operations on some pot shops to verify compliance with the over-21 sales law, with really bad results. State-wide the compliance rate was around 80%, but in Portland it was only 47%. Recent results of the same test in Washington were around 97%. Oregon’s results can be regarded as a complete breakdown, […]

Yuma again

I;m back in Yuma for several days. A group of people I know pulled in behind me, so that’ll be something to do. Very warm here.

Local preemption of WA pot laws

When CO, WA, and OR passed their initiatives to legalize marijuana use, possession, growing, and sales, there weren’t any mentions of the powers granted to local jurisdictions. Very quickly some locales passed bans or moratoriums on the facilities, and some ignored the issue. The states have been trying to align this unanticipated behavior ever since.


Busy in Q

The tent show opens tomorrow, and the place is busy. It’s never “full” as there is a near-infinite amount of desert out here, but the roads get clogged. And the truckers get grumpy at their fuel-stop exit. Luckily, in about 8 days a large number of folks pack up and go.

Steve and Sandy are […]