Doing things in Bend

This is an interesting town. It’s sprawley, and navigation is confusing. They seem to love roundabouts which are everywhere, but traffic isn’t bad at all. Once a huge lumber town, it’s now tourism, retirement, commercial center for the region, and packed with breweries and brewpubs. I went to the The Old Mill District hoping for […]


I’ve not spent any time in Bend, and I needed to do some shopping for my truck, so it’s Bend for a few days. I’m impressed at first look, so am looking forward to exploring a bit.

And then bye to Yakima

As usual, it’s tough leaving Yakima, and saying goodbye to a lot of friends. I dropped by the Glenn Cassidy Golf Tournament for a bit, but the biggest thing was my 50th high school reunion. I was apprehensive about doing that, but it worked out well. Two evenings of chatting with best friends and others […]

Saying Bye to PT

Tomorrow I’ll head to Yakima, a much-anticipated change of scenery. Not that the scenery around here is bad, but one can get too much of a good thing.

But I won’t be able to see the solution of a problem that cropped up in town this summer. Both the state and the city resurfaced their […]

Last days in PT

I’ll be heading out for the winter next week, so I took a browse through downtown today, checking out the shops that likely won’t be there next year. It’s Wooden Boat Festival this weekend, the biggest of the many summer celebrations Port Townsend has. The weather looks a bit iffy, but I’ll try to get […]

Upcoming Elections and Cannabis

The number of states, counties, and cities considering some limits on marijuana prohibition this season is quite remarkable. And there has never been such a rush by candidates to jump on the bandwagon declaring their support, although some of the politicians might be trying to fool you. Sometimes things go wrong, like these examples.

I’ve […]


This is getting crazy. I’ve been in smokey areas before, but only for a few days at most. It’s gone on now for 2 weeks. The morning weather reports describe the day as either “bad” or “worse”, and promise relief in a few days, which so far hasn’t happened.

I’m having a bedliner put in […]

Test Drive

An obvious first test drive would be the Olympic Mountains, the National Park, but the region’s air is so full of smoke, there would be no views. But just general driving around here’s what I’ve found so far.

I buy the most basic stock truck that I can, adding only the trailer package options. I […]

New Truck

I bought a new truck, delivered today. Its a 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD, basically the same as my other truck. The new one has 4WD, and instead of the 8L engine I had, it’s a 6L with the same hp rating. It has power windows and a few other gadgets that are now standard, but […]

Lavender Weekend

It’s long-standing tradition that people from the cities come over for a day-trip to see the lavender farms for the Sequim Lavender Festival. The ferries and highways around here hit capacity for most of the weekend, so I stay close to home.

The kids came over earlier in the week for camping, and I treated […]