5 Years of Legal Weed

Our first neighborhood cannabis store opened 5 years ago this week, and Sea Change was the fifth to open in the state. The neighborhood, in this case Jefferson County (population 31,000), soon had seven stores, the max allowed under state rules.

The state of Washington has the number of retail stores capped at about […]

Mark Kleiman

BOTEC Analysis was hired by the State of Washington in 2013 as a consulting firm to develop the rules and regulations for legalized marijuana. Mark Kleiman, the owner of BOTEC died yesterday.

BOTEC stands for “back of the envelope calculation”, which describes well the method required for defining Washington’s marijuana rules then. The state […]

R2AK Done

After three weeks, the Race to Alaska is done. The way this thing works around here, you are either a “junkie” or completely oblivious about this Super Event that no one has ever heard of. I fall into the junkie category.

This year’s race was just as spectacular as prior years, especially in terms […]

Last night at Pt Hudson

I have to figure out how to live here.

Yesterday my family stopped by for a visit, and Matt heard someone congratulate the sail boat making it’s way into the marina. That boat was the winner (first to reach Ketchikan) of R2AK. So I got a chance to check out their bikes driving propellers.


Point Hudson

I’m here for my annual visit to the Pt Hudson Marina and RV Park, something I always enjoy. The RV park offers spaces at quite premium prices, which folk gladly pay. I choose one of the two dry camp spaces to save money, but also because it’s the closest to the marina proper. Very […]

Boats in Port Townsend

Another Race to Alaska commences Monday (see R2AK.com) and I’ll be hanging out tomorrow at the pre-race festivities. But in the meantime, the organizers of that race put another event together called the Seventy48. The idea is strictly human-powered watercraft, no motors or sails, going from Tacoma to Port Townsend in less than 48 […]

WA Pot Laws

We’re coming up on the fifth anniversary of legal cannabis sales in Washington state. I recall when the rules were being written, completely out of whole cloth given there was no experience, how many times the regulators and lawmakers wished they had some data, some numbers, anything concrete to help with setting the rules. […]

Yay! Firefox fixed

Seven or eight years ago I added an ad blocker to Firefox, my web browser. Now, some sites, mainly newspapers, detected my blocker and stopped me from reading their product. But they obviously felt their ads were more important than their content.

Last week Mozilla.org changed their code which destroyed optional add-ons, including my […]

Back in Chimacum

I’ll be here for a while, like until September.

Oregon Pot

Oregon grows too much pot, and that means low prices. How low? You regularly see $3 grams advertised, and $50 ounces, sometimes less. A joint can be had for $2.50. But that’s for folk on a budget. To get a better quality, $6 grams and $25 eighths are more like it. Contrast to CA […]