Washington Pot

It’s been 6 years since the cannabis laws were written in Washington state (Colorado, too) and like all man-made things, some maintenance is needed. The legislature convened yesterday, and I’ll be watching what they do this year.

The first bill filed deals with the oldest bone of contention, distance setbacks of cannabis businesses from places […]

Fox News

Wow, I’m surprised. Fox News has run an opinion piece by Tom Basile on marijuana legalization, in which he invents a typical Fox conspiracy theory that the Democrats are hypocrites for ignoring negative studies on the use of pot. Specifically, he claims the Dems are getting money from “Big Pot”, even though the science says […]


I’m back in Q for a while. Trump’s shutdown has no impact on us here in the LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area), except the BLM isn’t collecting data or money. I dumped on the way in today, got water, and the trash bins are being serviced. Business as usual here as well as in town, […]

California Pot

A year in now, the situation in CA is mixed. The state system was reasonable, given it was California, but to have 500-something towns and counties come up with their own rules, sometimes just as complicated, turns the ability to do business into a joke.

Those with an infinite amount of money and lawyers are […]

Yuma for a while

I’m back in Yuma for a change of scenery and access to better food. Quartzsite eateries are very, very mundane.

As usual I’m at the VFW/BLM spot, but this time the WINS (an RV travel club) are here, nearly filling the place up. Every year I run into them at least once as we have […]

BLM and Trump’s shutdown

I’m sitting on BLM land right now. The check-in station is closed, but the dump and water stations are open, though not monitored. So it’s basically business-as-usual, very low impact. These functions are staffed by unpaid volunteers, but they cannot “work” anyway during the shutdown. No savings here.

An observation: Over the last month I’ve […]

Vermont Pot

Vermont is a legal state, but it does not have a regulated commercial market. They are considering state control of a marketplace, but requested a committee provide input to the decision makers.

The committee recommended that the issue of detecting impaired driving be addressed first and foremost before proceeding.

My note to Vermont: Over 30 […]

De-prohibition on the East Coast

After so many years of successful legalization in the West, I’m baffled by the approaches seen in the East:

New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo: “We will end the disproportionate criminalization of one race over another by regulating, legalizing and taxing the adult use of recreational marijuana.” (December 17, 2018).

New Hampshire, Governor Chris Sununu (from […]

Hemp is legal in the US

Hemp is cannabis, the same plant that we argue about called marijuana. Like all plants, in various degrees, cannabis has a rich enough genome to adapt to different environments.

The Farm Bill legalizes hemp throughout the US, provided it contains less than .3% THC. That makes it a shitty smoke, but it’s great for seed […]

Oklahoma Pot

The people of Oklahoma passed an initiative enabling medical marijuana. The state immediately went to work to implement it, the law was a good one, and they’re coming online with little fuss or muss.

They are out of the gate with 742 medical marijuana dispensaries licensed. A dispensary is much like a store, but also […]