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The surgeon asked if I wanted a small procedure or to go for it, giving him leeway to improvise along the way. I wanted him to do as much as he could in one go. He started out fixing the rather urgent problem in the right leg, then took some more time to go look […]

A few days off

Today I went to meet a new doctor to discuss a surgical approach to opening up my arteries in my right leg. The stents and stuff I’ve done thus far were prep work for this maneuver, but I didn’t know when it would be needed. An ultrasound (aka doppler) done last week showed some serious […]

Smokey here

All summer it’s been the occasional smoke in the sky, though that’s not a typical thing at all around here. At first it was because of fires in BC, now it’s Montana and Oregon.

When I went out this morning the truck was covered with ash, and ash was flying around the air. I hadn’t […]

Pot in Nevada, a Senility Test

I’ve mentioned that Nevada managed to get cannabis and alcohol entangled, and the fight continues.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal explains the issues here:

Alcohol distributors have appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court to overturn a judge’s decision to not uphold an injunction that would have stopped the Tax Department from giving licenses to entities other […]

Salish Sea News

The ferry boat that got entangled is out for a few weeks, leaving just one on the PT/Whidbey route. This messes up a lot of recreational travel plans as the state doesn’t have any spare ferries in the summer. That will take a bite out of the tourism money around here.

The other a day […]

Pot: The Sessions Letters

Jeff Sessions sent letters to the governors of Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska (the four legal marijuana states) critiquing their states’ marijuana laws and programs. The intent of the letters was to plant a stake in the ground concerning the DOJ’s position on the matter.

You can find the letters from Sessions, and the responses […]

Life on the Peninsula

I just saw the trees move. For about two weeks we’ve been in smoke from wildfires up north, but the breeze is forecast to come up today. Personally, I’ve had trouble with burning eyes.

I went into the hospital for the installation of a few stents in my iliac arteries, the ones that feed the […]

DEA Pot Raids

I described how the raids are carried out by the local Sheriff. When the DEA gets involved there’s much more theater involved because the audience is taxpayers, politicians,and the media at large. Here’s an angle on how they work that I like:

The DEA arrests everyone at a raid site, including women and children. The […]

The Pot Question in California

Most guesses are that California produces five to ten times the amount it consumes. That surplus is exported to the illegal states where the price is much higher. It’s always been illegal at the federal level to pass pot across state lines, in January it will be illegal at the state level to export it […]

Pot Raids in NorCal

This is the preferred time of year for that time-honored cultural tradition in the Emerald Triangle in Northern California: The Pot Raids. Since legal growing begins in January in the state, the Counties have issued permits to many growers, and are processing more. The Sheriff will honor these permits, as well as incomplete paperwork still […]