Quartzsite 1

It’s quiet here, just the way I like it. For those not yet in the southwest, the sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular this week; I come to the desert to see colors in the sky that are no where else.

The RVs and vendors are dribbling in everyday, and about half of the seasonal […]

Arizona Pot

In 2016, 8 of 9 states that had citizen initiatives for either medical or recreational marijuana passed them, but the initiative in Arizona to enact fully legal cannabis failed by a small margin. Kevin Sabet of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, a professional opponent of all things cannabis, took on the state and won.

He was […]


Well, here I am again. I did the desert from Vegas to Q, which I think is the least interesting place around. Big solar farms, though.

I’m not sure what my plans are, but I’ll hang out here for a short while anyway.

My slide is fixed

All of a sudden I had twice the living space I had grown accustomed to over the last 7 weeks. Schmidt RV Repair took care of everything while I was sitting here in dry camp. It now works even better than it did when it was new, and I no longer have to fight it […]

Pot legalization in California

Besides the state itself, more than 500 other government entities are now working on local rules that govern the commercial cannabis market with a January 1 2018 implementation date. The state itself has already admitted it won’t be finished, but will be issuing temporary licenses. For those locales that can’t finish, they usually opt to […]

My slide

I discovered my slide problem the day I left Chimacum, coming up on two months ago. Once I figured out I could travel without using it, I looked for a repair place that met these criteria:

1. A town I liked.

2. The weather will be good while I’m waiting for parts.

3. Somebody actually […]

Tire problems again

After a day one of my trailer tires was flat. I figured a slow leak from a nail, aired it up and took it into Big O. The problem was a cracked wheel, likely my fault for hitting a curb on a turn. I have a spare wheel that matches the broken one, but had […]


Six weeks ago my slide-out mechanism failed, such that it wouldn’t come in all the way, nor go out more than a foot. I’ve gotten accustomed to living in a room half the size.

I asked at the desk when I checked into the SKP here, and was referred to an RV repair technician here […]

A run through Nevada

It’s cold at night around here (Reno), and the weather service is warning of a winter storm coming in later this week. Time to head south.

The goal is Pahrump, NV where I can dry-camp at the SKP park there. I’ve taken this route a few times; long and boring, but a lot of cheap […]

Pot in Nevada

Cannabis grows best when nights are cool (not cold), days are warm (not hot), the air is damp (not dry), and irrigation water is readily available. Technology can compensate for the deficiencies, but at a potentially huge hit on natural resources and money. The Pacific Northwest is the standard for ideal conditions, Nevada has to […]