High from Seattle

I got a haircut the other day.

And I’m not in Seattle, just nearby. If I have any readers that rely on Fox for their TV news (I hope not), Seattle is not falling under the control of the mythical antifa. It is real life Seattleites living on Capitol Hill that took over the […]

25 45

Now, I know my radical christian friends actually think Dear leader is a man of faith, but for those gobsmacked by his recent theatrics in front of the church don’t miss Sarah Cooper’s take on his thinking. Anywhere on social media.

Isn’t there even a single mature person in the WH that can tell […]

PT Opening

Port Townsend opened up today. Retail is open, with limits, and restaurants have severe limits. The idea is to not attract tourists into a tourist town. Most important was my barber shop was open and I made an appointment for next week.

There were sails on the bay today, something I haven’t seen this […]


I lived and worked in downtown Seattle during the WTO meeting and riots, and know the history quite well.

As I write this I’m watching the riot grow in Seattle. I can tell you what will happen for the next few days. They are starting in the same spot and breaking the same windows […]

Promises made

I know I said I’d write more often, and every morning I wake up intending to write about what I’m doing or current events. And then the day proceeds in yet another surprising way and I end up completely confused again.

It’s been that way since April 1, every effin day. Every day I […]

The Times We Are In

All things considered I’m in pretty good shape. I’m parked on my leased lot at the Escapee Cooperative in Chimacum, close to family way over there in Seattle, and it’s nearly impossible to spend money around here.

My days are spent reading, playing video games, listening to the radio, messing around on the internet, […]


I drove 8 hours straight from Bandon to Chimacum, got parked and am now wondering how long I’ll be here. The Escapee park is closed to travelers, open only to leaseholders. The buildings are locked up so there’s little chance of contact with other people.

Downtown Port Townsend looks like a scene from Twilight […]

Stopped in Bandon

Getting hung up on the Oregon Coast is actually a privilege.

I can get to Chimacum in one day, which means the truck in “D” for 8 hours. Or I can find pull-offs for sleep in truck stops or Walmarts or the like. I want to do neither in a rain storm.

The next […]

Hung up

My plan was to “do” the Oregon coast at favorite stopping places, but now everything is closed, including RV parks. The state parks are closed, leaving no place to put an RV safely.

So I signed on for a couple more days at the RV park I’m in to see what happens next. Things […]

Bandon, OR

It’s a rain event for a few days then I’ll move northward.

I’m bored. Bandon is slow this time of year in the best of times, but now the place is dead. It’s a bummer not to be able to get fish and chips and sit wharfside watching sea gulls.

Luckily I have a […]