Marijuana, or Cannabis?

The assigned committee has passed unanimously a bill to change all uses of the word “marijuana” with “cannabis” in both the Washington state laws and the regulator’s rules. It should get to the House floor soon.

The thinking is that marijuana is a racist term, invented in the 1930’s as a pejorative against Latinos. […]

Home Grow in WA?

It looks like Washington will finally pass a legal home grown cannabis law this year. The primary committee held a hearing yesterday, and there was very little opposition. But there are a few other tells: The committee chairman is the primary sponsor, and she lined up 16 co-sponsors. Testimony by many high-level experts was […]

WA State Legislature

The legislature has opened this week, so I’ll be watching and tracking the bills related to cannabis. I don’t anticipate much serious activity mainly because the agreement is that legislation not related to covid or economic recovery be kept to a minimum this year. Then, WA has reached the point after 8 years where […]

Every two weeks…

I re-assess and adjust my plans for travel. While winter is setting in on the Peninsula, the weather has been extremely pleasant, far better than I expected.

The family situation is status quo, going nowhere. So it looks like I’m here through Xmas. Even if I did decide to head south, I see no […]

The Plan Right Now

Every two weeks I look at my situation and try to decide what to do next in terms of travel. I’d very much rather be in Arizona right now.

The family situation I have is not resolving itself and may not for a long while. From what I see about the virus, there is […]

New York

No one could have foreseen that South Dakota would legalize marijuana before New York. That’s a double strike against NY because New Jersey beat them to it as well. The race is now on.

New Jersey is interesting because they don’t impose any special marijuana tax on sales, relying totally on their existing sales […]

Legal and Illegal States

All of the legal states achieved legalized marijuana for use by any adult via voter-approved initiatives, except Illinois. All had and have an existing medical marijuana program of some sorts. Almost all the states enacted a regulation structure that issues licenses to grow, process, sell, test, use, and possess, as well as a […]

Counting ballots

I worked for 15 years for King County (Seattle) in the computer department and served for many elections. It was a ton of fun, fascinating to watch, and great to work with so many good people. Here’s how it works:

Counting the ballots on election night is purely theater, a show put on for […]

And that leaves Idaho

After yesterday’s run of passing all the cannabis issues, all states in the union now have some sort of legal cannabis on the books, except Idaho where having anything to do with the plant brings a possible felony.

Now, some states only allow “hemp” and derivatives (CBD), but Idaho prohibits even that.


Milestone for my Solar

For the first time in 12 1/2 years of living off my solar panels and batteries, I finally depleted my batteries last night. I’ve been close a few times, my experience has been that three days of stormy overcast was pretty much the limit for my system. Not generally a problem in the desert […]