I made it to Eureka, and will be here a week at least.

It took a long time from Fort Bragg on Highway 1. I cannot recommend anyone pulling a trailer take this road unless you need to check this route off your life list. There are a lot of 15 mph hairpins, I […]

Fort Bragg, CA

Fort Bragg is along CA-01, the Pacific Coast Highway, in Mendocino County. I’m glad I finally made it out here, but the challenge of the roads here hints that it might be a while before I return.

When I sat down to update my blog, it wouldn’t allow me to log in. I did […]


Every year I make this trip north on 101, and always stay at the fairgrounds rv lot. Ukiah is a must-stop so I can visit the Solar Living Center, which is now called Eco Terra something.

The other reason I stop here is to do a weather and conditions check. I expect, and have experienced, […]

Washington pot legislation

This is an update on the bills being considered for cannabis in Washington state.

Rumor has it that politics stopped the attempt to allow homegrown cannabis in the state, potentially leaving WA as the only state that doesn’t allow it. It’s hard to discern why the reluctance. There’s always the moral objections to cannabis, some […]

Santa Rosa

A break in the storm allowed me to comfortably reach Santa Rosa, and highway 101. I’ll be here a few days waiting out the rain.

I’m at the fairgrounds, which still has a lot of the trailers supplied by FEMA for the wildfire victims well over a year ago. I didn’t expect to find so […]


As planned, I made it through the central valleys and am now in a decent rv park waiting for the next storm to start. Flood warnings are posted, and I’ll be watching things in Sonoma county. Hopefully I can make it over there on Friday.

Meanwhile it’s books and video games here.

Hung up in Bakersfield

Bakersfield is not what you’d call a tourist city, but ahead of me is flooding and high winds so I’m sitting for a bit until the weather breaks. Maybe on Sunday or Monday I’ll make it to Lodi, then re-assess the situation.

I’m in a nice RV park, but there’s not a lot to do […]

Leaving Yuma

I’ve been hanging out in Yuma for a while, watching the weather systems go through. Arizona got everything lately, but all I really saw was some wind and a bit of rain. The outlook looks pretty good, at least enough so I can get to Sonoma county.

Just to mix up the scenery a bit […]

Back in Quartzsite

The storm passed through Havasu, so I looked ahead on my route west, through Barstow. High winds (40mph and higher) were forecast for the next few days. Then, snow was forecast for the pass at Tehachapi. If I continued as planned I would be battling weather for the next several days. The only safe spot […]

Goodbye Q

I’m near Lake Havasu City right now, sitting for a few nights while a little bad weather passes through. I haven’t spent much time here over the years, but I was looking for something different.

I’m at Catnip Cove State Park alongside the Colorado, dry-camping in the overflow RV area. The big fireworks show is […]