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Pot in Washington

The local pot store is celebrating it’s third anniversary this week, it was the fifth retail store to open in Washington State. There are now 505 stores state-wide with 421 reporting sales last month. There are 1197 farmers and processors in the state. Consumers have spent $1.2 billion dollars in the last 12 months, of […]


The angiogram involves a small incision, then an instrument that goes through the arteries. I was completely out for the procedure, but have some x-ray photos of the problems I have in my legs. Not all can be fixed, but I’ll give it a shot in a couple of weeks for the worse parts.

I […]

Hospital tomorrow

I’ll go over to Seattle and into the hospital Thursday for an angiogram on my legs, which involves an overnight. Shouldn’t be a big deal at all.

R2AK Done

A two person row boat just finished, minutes before the deadline of the race. They weren’t really going for the speed on this one, so they are dead last.

No lives were lost, no watercraft lost. It was a successful event.

Nevada Pot Sales

Retail sales began today in Nevada, mainly Las Vegas and Reno. They hold the record for passing an initiative to opening stores collecting tax money, 7 months. Whether wise or not they did this by cutting the regulatory bullshit, skipping a lot of the issues important in other states, in the interest of generating income […]

R2AK notes

I hope that Karl Kruger, the only paddle-boarder to finish the race, has an agent waiting in Ketchikan. There are endorsements, exclusive interviews, personal appearance fees, etc. Paddle-boarding is a very fast-growing pastime with millenials with leisure resources at hand. Then, there is a clip from a video very shortly after he greeted his family […]

An SUP in R2AK

A competent Stand Up Paddle Boarder is, after 2 weeks of wind and tides and sleeping on the beach, is about to cross the end-line in Ketchikan. He could do it this evening, but he might knock it off until morning before going in. He’s been very disciplined in sticking with his plan for a […]

3 Hours

My cardio doctor wanted an ultrasound of my leg arteries, figured it would take about an hour. I went into his office for one on my head and neck a couple of weeks ago. This time I asked if I could get the same thing done on the peninsula, and he filled out a referral […]

Pot in the West

Washington did manage to pass a few minor laws concerning the cannabis industry, but that’s been it. It’s system is working well, though.

Oregon’s participation in this experiment was opening up the industry to nearly all comers, and watching out for rules that slow down business development. That seems to have worked quite nicely, as […]

Traffic jam in Chimacum

Highway 20 is undergoing urgent repair of a culvert and is closed between Port Townsend and 101. While everyone was warned about the closure, the signed detour route goes through downtown Chimacum. So all PT traffic goes through Chimacum.

But no one warned that Chimacum is a four-way stop, and it’s impossible to move that […]