New Coffeemaker

I’ve used a Coleman coffee maker forever. It’s a Mr Coffee designed to sit over a propane burner. About 5 years ago I found a small round piece if plastic floating around. The device still worked, but it took an extra long time to make a pot of coffee.

A year ago the top […]

A Recommendation

If you have an interest in wooden boats, I recommend looking at the Sampson Boat Co. channel on YouTube. The most recent episode, 100, was posted last week and provides a grand overview of this boat restoration project. As a summary, Leo from the UK rescued an old wooden sailing boat from rotting away […]


I’m a huge fan of the Race to Alaska, a 750 mile race from Port Townsend to Ketchikan without motors, but it was cancelled again this year. My shtick is to rent an RV spot at the marina where the boats congregate before the race, but to guarantee the spot requires making a reservation […]

Back in regular lot

I moved back to my own lot after the contractors rebuilt the septic system behind me. I have a net loss of square footage now to allow for the larger footprint of the system. And, all new fresh gravel in the wrong places.

Monday is my MRI on my heart, and I expect in […]

Things change quickly

Last week I had a “heart event” and spent three days in the hospital, mainly for tests. It’s been seven years since my bypasses and I haven’t had any problems since.

I was taught back then how and when to use nitroglycerin, which includes the step “Call 911”. I did, and the EMS guys […]

Changed Lots

I moved onto another lot to allow construction of a new septic system behind my lot. I have zero brown sheds in my view and look directly on trees. This is perfectly acceptable to me for the next 2-4 weeks.

I haven’t written much about legal marijuana lately. I presume those interested in the […]

Not my style…

While I have to move onto another lot for a few weeks, it’s not that big a deal. I’ve done that operation nearly a thousand times.

My neighbor, though, arrived about 6 years ago in their Class B Leprechaun (about 32 feet) and hasn’t moved it since. They bought it in Ohio, drove to […]


While in Fort Bragg, I went into the clinic to have a lump on my arm identified. I was advised to get home to my doctor quickly.

My goal for this two-month trip was to see if I could fill up 2 months by spending a week or two here and there at my […]

Fort Bragg (CA)

I was here last spring when the first lockdown happened. It was nice that the lady that runs this place knew that and welcomed me back. It’s been a long year.

Harbor RV Park is a piece of property perched on a head overlooking the Noyo River and Pacific Ocean, and includes a tiny […]

A Big Disappointment

I found the Solar Living Center in Hopland, Ca, way back when I first started traveling. I described it as “The Whole Earth Catalog brought to life”. A large grounds with a store, solar panels, water treatment exhibits, and whatever it took to go back to the land.

Several years ago the store closed […]