Home Grow in WA?

It looks like Washington will finally pass a legal home grown cannabis law this year. The primary committee held a hearing yesterday, and there was very little opposition. But there are a few other tells: The committee chairman is the primary sponsor, and she lined up 16 co-sponsors. Testimony by many high-level experts was organized. The opposing testimony was anticipated and addressed, and there wasn’t any opposition from other members of the committee. All other things being normal, this looks like a given to become law.

I was reminded that WA is not the only state to restrict home grows: Illinois prohibits it, too, but it’s a civil infraction subject to a ticket with a $100 fine. In WA it’s a felony subject to jail and high fines. This bill will legalize it entirely subject to a plant limit and odor control. The LCB (Liquor and Cannabis Board) is prohibited from enforcing the law, and the Sheriffs association said they would be unable to enforce it.

In other words, it will be legal but don’t be a jerk about it.

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