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Things worked out so well in Portland for the dumbshit, he flew in some more goons last night to Seattle. It’s been completely quiet here for a few weeks, but it looks like a welcoming party is being assembled for the weekend.

The honor guard leading the welcome ceremony for the federal goons (do they have an official name?) is the ACLU, the State Attorney General, the Seattle Attorney, and an assortment of contract lawyers and elected officials from all levels of government. I’ve seen this paper-waving ceremony before, and it’s inspiring.

Following that, the attendees will commence their activities. The protestors (peaceful, of course. I don’t want to leave that out) or the goons will open with either frozen water bottles or rubber bullets in a show of technological skill. Seattle Police will be the referees, likely matching with pepper spray before it becomes illegal to use it Sunday night.

Special appearances are expected from Antifa, and the Portland Anarchists are especially crowd-pleasing.

All sides involved hope for, and expect, a healthy turnout of corporate media, PR firms, and thousands of ad-hoc camera images. The winners will be announced Monday after analysis of the number of “followers” of all sides. Follow your favorite to vote.

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