High from Seattle

I got a haircut the other day.

And I’m not in Seattle, just nearby. If I have any readers that rely on Fox for their TV news (I hope not), Seattle is not falling under the control of the mythical antifa. It is real life Seattleites living on Capitol Hill that took over the police precinct after the cops realized they were outnumbered and left it.

The antifa thing is really interesting. A family on excursion in their old school bus in Forks (Twilight) got hassled by people accusing them of being antifa. In nearby Sequim the local gun store owner saw on facebook that busloads of antifa were heading towards to Sequim to burn and loot the town. Dozens with guns came out to protect the town but were disappointed when antifa didn’t show up. Down in Klamath Falls, the second amendment guys showed up to prevent the busloads of anarchists and were left standing on the curb.

Similar stories about many small towns are showing up everywhere.

Antifa does not exist. Well, not in the form that some people think. Antifa is short for Anti Fascist, they are violently opposed to the violent right wing, both of which thrive on mayhem when the opportunity arises. Similar to the football hooligans in Europe. None of these dudes have degrees in political philosophy.

Seattle is fine. Watch it to see what the changes are.

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