Got my house back

I was really annoyed yesterday when the shop wouldn’t let me take my rig because of the weather. I had to find another motel room. But, when I got up this morning my truck had 5 inches of snow on it. Soon, the sun came out and there was water everywhere. I was glad they insisted I leave it indoors until today.

I am very happy with the results. They took everything off the roof, and scraped the rubber coating off down to bare wood. In spite of several real and potential leaks, no damage was found to the wood.

They then replaced the skylights and fans, anything plastic which had deteriorated because of UV damage. My solar panels were adjusted slightly to compensate for the curved roof to prevent leaks, and the final sealant application was done in a very artful manner. I have new fans that work, and the solar works perfectly.

A note on Jimmy’s RV in Deming, NM. Every RV’r sooner or later hears about Jimmy and his competence and honesty. It takes months to get in for any major work (I set this deal up in October), but if you’ve got a minor issue while on the road, he’ll fit you in so you can keep moving. His new partner/employee John is great; I worked with him mainly. They absolutely, positively won’t make promises they can’t keep. Which is really frustrating at times.

I need a day or two to get provisioned, then off to Quartzsite for some additional work. I’ll have an awning put on, and the floor and carpets replaced. And some more until I run out of budget for this refurbishment project. The biggie is done, though.

It’s very cold at night, but snow is not expected. I really want to get down from 4000 feet and out of Deming.

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  • Bobbie Chapman

    Glad you are in a more secure rig now. Roofs are sure important. With all the upgrades you’ll virtually have a new rig. Congratulations. We are very happy for you.
    Bobbie Chapman