Deming, NM

I left Yuma the other day after completing all my tasks there and headed Eastward, planning on taking a few days stopping at favorite spots. In Gila Bend last night I realized that my goal was to see alligators and Yellow-headed herons on the Gulf Coast, and by messing around in Arizona I was risking “weather events”.

I will be idling here for a week, though. I’m not in the mood for another long haul through West Texas right now.

A bit of justice today: I was going through Tuscon and a lady was merging on to the Interstate in front of me. And slowed down as soon as she saw me. No where for me to go. I leaned on the brakes, as did the highway patrolman behind her doomed to be sandwiched between us. The semi to my left saw what was happening and diverted away. I swear the cop rear-ended her and pushed her out of the lane. I have no doubt from the way he handled his car that he was super pissed. She’s going to be out some serious money….

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