R2AK Done

After three weeks, the Race to Alaska is done. The way this thing works around here, you are either a “junkie” or completely oblivious about this Super Event that no one has ever heard of. I fall into the junkie category.

This year’s race was just as spectacular as prior years, especially in terms of creating stories (the whole purpose for sailing a boat). What was remarkable this year was how the Organizers gathered up a passel of social media experts around age 22 and working for free and did the entire social media thing: Video from everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, podcasting, email, website. I am not in tune with this stuff, but in order to follow R2AK, I had to jump in and see what was happening. There are some very good social media people out there. I’m impressed.

I made reservations at Pt Hudson Marina today. I’ll be at my spot above the docks for the Seventy/48 race and the start of R2AK in June 2020. I’ll be waiting for it for the next year.

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