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Leaving Yuma

I’ve been hanging out in Yuma for a while, watching the weather systems go through. Arizona got everything lately, but all I really saw was some wind and a bit of rain. The outlook looks pretty good, at least enough so I can get to Sonoma county.

Just to mix up the scenery a bit I stayed at Pilot Knob, which I haven’t done for a long time. Good sunrises and sunsets, and not crowded.

I was about 1 mile from the border, and anticipated a lot of vehicle and air activity guarding the border from the hordes of illegal people. Instead I saw one pickup and one helicopter over the course of a week. There is nothing going on at this portion of the CA/Mexico border.

My trip is some one-nighters until I get through the central valleys and can get over to Santa Rosa to pick up 101. I’ve made this trip many times, and have it fine-tuned pretty well. It’s still a dull trip.

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