On to Quartzsite

I’ve spent some time near Tombstone/Sierra Vista, and will now head to Q. That’ll give me a nice long drive to listen to election results.

Marijuana issues and candidates are my main interest. Michigan should pass a full-blown legalization measure. North Dakota has it on the ballot, but I doubt it will pass. However, ND is always a mystery.

Missouri has a mess on it’s hands with three proposals on the ballot, and voters can vote for all of them. And Utah voters have a medical initiative on the ballot, but direct interference/intervention by the church has messed that one up.

I’ll be watching how the House goes because if it flips, there will be a lot a cannabis activity at the national level. Presuming Michigan passes, one quarter of the people in the US will live near a retail marijuana store. It’s probably time for it to be legal at the federal level.

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