Canada Legalizes

Everyone will be made aware Canada legalizes pot this week. As in not being jailed for possession, not as in readily available from legal outlets. BC, which I’m most familiar with, will only have one store open on the 17th, that in Kamloops. Not to worry, BCers know how to cope with this issue.

This illustrates the difference between the US and Canada in handling these things. Canada announced the federal policy, and the provinces and other locales went to work to implement it, so that on day one at least a few stores nationwide are open, and others are in process for licenses. The first stores become the stars of the media, with shots of long lines of customers, ominous threats of “running out” of product, police interviews to assure the public that all is under control, and happy faces behind the counter.

Kamloops is a great choice in BC, even over Vancouver or Victoria. It’s in the Okanogan, famous for wine grapes, and pot, which extends well into Washington state. It’s high latitude means long bright summer days, but freezes can come early. As good for cannabis as it’s good for grapes.

Like the US, the provinces have come up with variations that are interesting, and it will be informative to compare what they come up with.

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