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New springs

I guess after almost 12 years it’s no surprise the springs on my rv needed replacement. One set had flattened out a bit, changing the geometry of the suspension. Somehow I found a spring specialist and the work was done today. On Thursday, I take it in for an alignment, and who knows what they will find. Then, I’ve got to replace the tire damaged along the way.

What’s in front of me is the climb up to Vail, on what is probably the worst maintained interstate in the country (except maybe Louisiana?). I will be extremely anxious every time I hit a pothole, expansion joint, and the tire ruts.

The spring specialist suggested new hangers to improve the design, but I’ll pass on that. This little adventure is already costing me too much.

It’s rainy in Grand Junction, snow is possible this weekend at the summit. I’m hoping I can get up and over without encountering that.

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