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Summer not here yet

It’s cool and wet here, completely normal because summer weather doesn’t appear around here until July 5th. Right now Port Townsend is celebrating the completion of it’s main street rebuild in the drizzle. The project involved new street surface, new sidewalks, and undergrounding utilities, all without closing the street or sidewalks or stores. Today was the deadline for completion, and when I checked yesterday, they had about 50 feet to clean up and resurface, which they might well have done last night. I’ll go into town tomorrow to see what it looks like.

I was in the hospital for one night for yet another procedure to clear my right leg artery. This time it was fairly simple, if anything involving a hospital, surgeons, and freaky machines can be called simple. All went according to plan.

As usual my doctor took the opportunity to image the next project, my left leg in this case. There’s a 95% blockage, and an alternate route has been carrying blood to my foot. I talk to him about this in a few weeks. The lack of blood flow to my right foot has led to neuropathy (nerve death) in my toes which is permanent. I must be careful to check for damage in case infection sets in. The most annoying part is that I can’t rely on getting any signals about what my toes are doing, so I have to watch them. It’s surprising how much data your toes send to your brain.

Next up is maintenance on my truck…

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