Slide fixed?

When I talked to a guy that was referred to me by a shop, it struck me that he didn’t understand what my problem was or where I was located. When he didn’t show up anywhere near the time we talked about I was coming up with a new plan. He was an astonishingly old and slight man, nearly completely deaf. He complained he didn’t have enough tools. He went straight to work.

The job involves laying on your back on coarse gravel/rock in the dark, while manually moving the slide 1/16th inch with each pull on the wrench. I expected a much younger person.

After a couple of hours the slide was working, I think. It will take many cycles before I feel confidant again, and I don’t know what caused it to fail in the first place.

When it came for payment (I hate this part) he asked for what I thought it was worth. I came up with a number based on typical shop charges plus travel time, and he took it.

So now I can resume moving north, except the weather forecast is quite unsatisfactory. Rain, and moving with a questionable slide is not feeling good to me. That’ll be tomorrow’s problem to solve.

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