Pot in other states

Since I’m here, I thought I’d mention what is happening in Arizona and New Mexico.

Arizona was the one holdout when several states passed legal marijuana, leaving them to their medical marijuana program. Since then, the number of registered patients has increased dramatically, a couple of hundred thousand, and the number of “dispensaries” is growing fast, especially in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. It’s big enough that it looks like a full-legal system, but without the tight controls. They may try again to pass an initiative this year.

New Mexico has a small, stumbling, medical marijuana system constantly impeded by the politicians and bureaucrats. Nonetheless, a bill to fully legalize was introduced this year in the state house, but most bills require a couple of years to pass in NM due to it’s short sessions. Chances are not good. But, the bill itself has attracted a lot of attention due to the care put into it. They’ve taken the experience of other states, and adjusted it to suit the state very nicely. Whether it passes eventually or not, it is an excellent model for other states.

I expect both states to pass something within 2 years.

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