First Day of Retail in CA

It seems to have gone well in CA today. About 90 stores were open for business, which isn’t bad at all. Many more will be opening over the next weeks or so.

Prices are about 20-25% higher than WA, CO, and OR, and a tad higher than Nevada. This was expected, and prices will be dropping for the next several months as more producers and retailers come online.

I was satisfied with the news coverage that was much more substantial than when CO and WA opened up. Instead of the bad puns, jokes, and misinformation, today we heard terms like “inventory”, “taxes”. and “supply chain”. And, in California there are actually plenty of politicians happy to do the ribbon cutting for your store.

Not every place is going to have stores, either because localities have banned the product entirely, or the local government hasn’t reached a decision yet. Los Angeles couldn’t get their thing together fast enough, and, disappointingly, San Francisco can’t get their thing going until later this week. I’m 10 miles from the CA border in Arizona, and the nearest retail shop is 140 miles away, 130 miles to the nearest shop in Nevada. That’s unlikely to change in the near future.

Meanwhile, up in Northern California, a culture is dieing…

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