A few days off

Today I went to meet a new doctor to discuss a surgical approach to opening up my arteries in my right leg. The stents and stuff I’ve done thus far were prep work for this maneuver, but I didn’t know when it would be needed. An ultrasound (aka doppler) done last week showed some serious trouble, and my right foot is a real pain because it isn’t getting enough oxygen.

I want to get this done so I can make a decision about traveling this year. All summer long I’ve been waiting for appointments, doing little stuff, and then more waiting. I expressed my opinion that I want this stuff to hurry up, and when asked when I would like it done I said “tomorrow”. So tomorrow it is.

My insurance isn’t really capable of making the pre-approval decision in days or weeks, let alone hours. My doctors are clever enough to know the tricks for dealing with the insurance companies, and on this one I go to the emergency entrance and check myself in. By the time the insurance company hears about it, the work is done.

Apparently I should expect to be laid up for a bit. I’ll write again when get home and have the internet….

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