The angiogram involves a small incision, then an instrument that goes through the arteries. I was completely out for the procedure, but have some x-ray photos of the problems I have in my legs. Not all can be fixed, but I’ll give it a shot in a couple of weeks for the worse parts.

I was quite sore and swollen when I got home yesterday, but that’s improving a lot while I just lie around and not use my legs much. That could be the case for as long as a week, but not likely.

A couple of years ago I was in the same hospital for five or six days and managed to find some food on the menu that wasn’t bad. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember what was good and had to take a chance this time. I didn’t win that gamble. I can sort of understand why they use industrial-grade canned stuff (cheap, most gets tossed anyway), but it’s still possible to cook it carefully.

So all is well and I will be able to get around just fine in a day or so.

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