R2AK notes

I hope that Karl Kruger, the only paddle-boarder to finish the race, has an agent waiting in Ketchikan. There are endorsements, exclusive interviews, personal appearance fees, etc. Paddle-boarding is a very fast-growing pastime with millenials with leisure resources at hand. Then, there is a clip from a video very shortly after he greeted his family on the dock which will be seen forever in R2AK history. Don’t fuck it up, man.

Next to cross the line is Team Nomadica. I was sitting around over the marina just watching the activity before the start and Ryan came up to chat. His trimaran was the smallest boat in the marina; anything smaller could have been carried into the water. It’s 17 feet, and has no cabin or amenities. Like a Hobie Cat. When sailing it, you have chosen to go for a shower in the Salish Sea, water temp about 49 degrees. For 2 weeks.

He should make it in tonight. The wind is coming directly out of Ketchikan towards him, so he’s tacking all the way. Fun.

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