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Traffic jam in Chimacum

Highway 20 is undergoing urgent repair of a culvert and is closed between Port Townsend and 101. While everyone was warned about the closure, the signed detour route goes through downtown Chimacum. So all PT traffic goes through Chimacum.

But no one warned that Chimacum is a four-way stop, and it’s impossible to move that many vehicles through the intersection.

School is out and the PT tourist season goes into high gear now. Then, the many trucks going into and out of the paper plant are on one road rather than splitting them.

This afternoon 4 flaggers (they actually looked like desk-bound highway project managers) were installed. But, since the detour involves a left turn, only one lane can go at once. It’s a mess, but it’s working better than nothing.

I saw no city or county employees at this disaster site: It’s a State project, on State roads, so it’s their problem.

While I had my way of making do for the week the work will take, I didn’t foresee the 4-way in Chimacum, which backs things up to block me from one of those alternate routes. So I might be trapped in here for a while….

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