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Ukiah (Mendocino County)

I pulled into the fairgrounds here just as the rain started falling. It looks like my next travel day will be Thursday.

With every village, town, city, and county in the state working on imposing cannabis taxes on everybody they can see, I humbly suggest they devote all of it to the maintenance of streets and roads. The state, too. And then I’d go looking for that extra 50 cents a gallon everybody pays for gas and use that for maintenance. I know that some of the “Rough Road” signs I saw today on 101 have been there for nearly ten years.

The Mendocino Sheriff unexpectedly last week re-enacted the zip-tie scheme for cannabis farmers because he was tired of waiting for local regulations and it’s planting time here. He sells the zip-ties for $25 each, they are attached to each cannabis plant, and that has been the legal authority for growing marijuana in Mendo for ten years. “Pay to Play” taxes like this are emerging as a popular trick on the East Coast, though it’s done more subtly.

So how about a similar program for every grape vine, proceeds for road repair that the trucks and winery tourists tear up around here?

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