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Pot: What’s going on

There are proposals and bills in states all over the country right now, but I confine myself to watching the western sates.

Nevada Nevada brought up a medical program quickly and smoothly, and is now writing the rules for a retail environment which was recently passed. They will give preference for the retail operations to those already in the medical program, about 120 operators. It’s anticipated that temporary rules might apply in July to enable retail sales through the existing medical dispensaries.

Oregon Oregon has managed to invent something new in this business: a way for the state to fail to collect taxes. Bureaucratic bungling and overreach actually disrupted the flow of product enough that tax revenues declined for two months in a row. Meanwhile, Oregonians in the industry are reluctant to rush into a retail market that might impose overly strict or confusing controls.

California It’s tough to follow California because they’re bringing up both Medical and Retail markets simultaneously. And, every single government entity in the state has a say in how this is done. California farmers are suspicious that any of the above is better for them.

Washington The legislature is currently handling several smaller issues that were left over from last year’s session. A few of the most interesting are : allow home-grows for non-commercial farmers, loosen up the state residency limits, allow a designation similar to “organic” to be run by the state department of agriculture, and increase regulation of food produced with cannabis. The House,especially the Commerce and Gaming Committee seem to be overwhelmingly in support of the industry, notably in getting farmers and stores licensed and operating as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Arizona Since Arizona didn’t pass it’s retail initiative, it’s medical program is suddenly growing by amazing numbers. Since medical programs are usually rudimentary in scope, uncontrolled growth using loopholes and vague rules as cover will likely enable rapid, and prolific, growth.

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