Pot: Washington Sales

Ever since the very first sale in WA in 2014, pot sales have increased steadily and predictably every month. September sales and October sales were 140 million, the first leveling since inception. I suspect that this might be the “base” number to use as a comparison. That means 1.7 billion dollars a year in sales, which includes taxes. About 500 million goes to the State in taxes in a year.

I suspect the current harvest will be completely over the top in total weight, far more than there is demand for. Drastically lower prices at the retail level are expected, unless the retailers take advantage of this. At any rate, I doubt we’ll see much more than 140 million a month in sales for a while. The state can consume only so much cannabis, and it can’t be exported across state lines. Where all this extreme excess actually goes will be a mystery for a bit.

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