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Those with heart ailments are given a supply of nitro glycerin, to be taken when angina (heart pain) comes on. I went through a controlled simulation to verify that it works for me, but have never had to take any since. I noticed that my stash had expired, so ordered up a new batch.

These are rather serious pills, and I wanted to dispose of the expired pills properly, so I took them to Walgreens when I picked up my other prescriptions. I couldn’t think of a better place to properly dispose of pills than a pharmacy. Certainly better than our septic system, better than the landfill. The answer from Walgreen’s? The police station. Take them to the police.

I dumped them in the garbage can outside of the Walgreen’s entrance. No way was I going to the police station and hand them a bottle with pills in it. Those dudes are really freaky about such things. I see routine medicine, they see asset forfeiture. I could spend days in jail while they run the pills through the lab and steal my stuff.

No, I’d like to deal with someone who knows the right way of doing things.

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