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Life in Quartzsite

Last week it was the cold, but I got the hang of keeping the place warm using both my cat heater and the furnace.

This week it will be rain, but quite a bit warmer. Like today. Enough fell to make the trails muddy, but there wasn’t any flowing water. The Big Tent went up yesterday.

I’ll need to watch my battery usage all week long as the clouds steal my power source.

That’s an odd story out of Eastern Oregon (aka Western Idaho) at Malheur. Malheur is a top notch migratory bird refuge, but is completely frozen and dormant this time of year. It’s said that Malheur is further from an interstate than any place in the lower 48. If those guys intend to occupy the place for any length of time, they are going to get very bored. I hope they don’t trash the place. Even more I hope the feds can manage, somehow, to keep their cool. That’s a very, very, precious place….

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