Pot: Oregon MJ sales

When Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries begin selling cannabis to anyone this coming Thursday, there will be a few important differences between Washington, Colorado, and Oregon laws.

I’m expecting Oregon to start at $8-$15 a gram of typical flower, compared to $10-$20 in Washington and $15-$25 in Colorado. The difference here is that Oregon is not charging any taxes until January 1. In WA and OR, a large harvest of outdoor-grown product is expected momentarily, drastically increasing supply.

Oregon is extremely open to anyone from anywhere that wants to set up a business there, which is very different than the laws in WA and CO. So, on the 1st of October, Harborside of Portland will open, Harborside being the largest medical marijuana dispensary in the country, based in Oakland. Other out-of-state interests will be showing up in Oregon as well, because they have limited restrictions.

Having Oregon in the mix of legal states is going to be interesting…

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