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Yakima Valley

I’m in Toppenish now, at my favorite place to stay, the Yakama Nation RV Park. Usually I’m here a little earlier in the season, so I have to tolerate the smell of ripe mint and ready-to-harvest hops, another aromatic. It can get pretty heady, especially when you add the cedar mill.

The mint field next door to my rig had been harvested, so the remains are only aromatic in the mornings. It is an extremely pleasant experience to get up in the AM to a light touch of mint. Most of the hops have been harvested, so that’s not bad, and the hop silage hasn’t started composting enough to create that smell.

The Yakamas have announced that this RV park is closing down at the end of October. I don’t know why, it’s a perfectly fine park and very popular.

I am here to visit my brother. Unfortunately he has just been diagnosed with a serious disease. Then to add to his headaches he had a “heart event” the other day. Great. He goes into the doctor today to check out that seemingly unrelated situation.

I plan on leaving for Pendleton on Friday, then work my way south through Oregon….

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